The PawnPire Product Suite
All you need to run PawnPire is an internet browser.
Customizable Dashboard
Every user can customize their dashboards depending on their workflow and their role within the company. It all works seamlessly so that every team member can focus on their core tasks.
Make a Sale
PawnPire helps you quickly make a sale and keep the focus on the customer. Once the pawn, layaway, buyback or sale has been made, staff members simply enter item descriptions and upload photos into the straightforward inventory system. Once it’s in the system, everything can be seamlessly posted for sale online.
Keep Track
You can keep track of everything! Staff hours and productivity, in-store sales, current inventory, online sales and customer needs - it’s all just a click away. PawnPire offers intuitive and simple notifications every step of the way, so that your whole team is on the same page. And you can check in on all of it from any web browser. This is the pawn shop system you’ve been dreaming of. And it’s free!
Store Management
Cash Drawer Management
Run a single cash drawer or track multiple employee cash drawers with security features to protect your business.
Buybacks and Pawns
Capture buyback transaction details by brand, model, and serial number. Take up to 12 pictures of every item purchased or loaned. Maintain payment history and generate receipts. Automatically send reminders and late notices.
Item & Customer Photo Management
Not only manage inventory but really know your customer. You can upload IDs and personal information in order to assign transactions to customers and keep track of their history. Make sure that every customer is treated like a valued part of your business.
Sales Management
Capture sales transaction details by brand and model. Quickly track your inventory, cost of goods sold, best-sellers and profit margins.
Employee Management Features
Employee Audit Control
Increase employee retention and lower revenue loss by identifying any employee who may be loaning too much on items or making errors when entering data. Quickly view the details of every transaction performed each day.
Employee Profitability
Track employee profitability with reporting that shows exactly how much profit staff members are generating on each transaction. Compare against other employees or shop averages.
Mass Inventory Pricing
Discount aged inventory or adjust prices quickly as precious metal markets fluctuate.
Price Guide
Negotiate from a position of strength with immediate access to historic sales and buying data including items on hold and potential defaults.
Extra Features
Customer History
Use the customer history tools to access a complete history of every transaction that has taken place with each customer.
Multi-Level Security
Easily control staff security levels on menus, reports, and functions to prevent unauthorized access.
Remote Store Payments
Give your customers the option of paying off their loan at any of your locations, adding a whole new level of convenience and ensuring customer retention.
Robust Customer Details
Understanding your customers’ spending activity and actions allows you to make sound business decisions. Imagine if you knew exactly how much revenue each customer brought to your store. PawnPire lets you access this wherever you are!