About PawnPire
PawnPire is paving the way for the future of the pawn industry.

Fed up with the cumbersome and outdated software that had been the industry standard, the pawnbroker behind PawnPire decided to make a product the pawn industry deserved. PawnPire is the solution you’ve been waiting for - and best of all it’s free!
Quality-tested Program
PawnPire has been quality-tested for years to make sure that it does everything a pawn shop needs. It has different interfaces for pawn brokers, managers and staff members who post products online. Whether these tasks are done by one person or dozens, the owner of the store can track every individual’s progress, track each store location, and follow every single piece of inventory. All this in an intuitive and easy-to-use online program that you can check from home, the road or from your office.
Powerful Management System
PawnPire is a powerful system for managing your pawns, loans, and sales as well as keeping track of human resources and performance. But it really shines in terms of the deep integration with e-commerce and online sales. PanwPire is built to push every product online and make sure inventory is flying off the shelves. You can follow every item from the moment it comes into the store to the instant it’s shipped to the buyer. We know what it takes for your pawn shop to succeed and we’re giving it to you for free.